Resume Writing

Thinking about a career change but don't know where to start? Haven't looked at your resume in years and just thinking about it causes stress? I can help you with rewritng/designing your resume. We'll put together your experiences so you can land that interview and then we'll prep together so you can secure that job!

Consulting Services

Want to figure out better strategies for recruitment and retention? Trying to figure out how to make your business marketing strategies more effective or far reaching? I can help you identify your niche, create better marketing materials, design programming and more!

Diversity Workshops

Need some help increasing diversity at your organization? Trying to implement better inclusion practices? With plenty of experience in diversity and inclusion training, let me help you create a better workplace for all your employees!

Travel Planning

Planning a trip somewhere but don't know where to start? Thinking about fun and cultural things to do in a new city or the one you're currently in? With tons of experience in solo and group travel, across Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, I can help you bring your trip to life!